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1015T CC Medium Density W/PSA (1 SIDE) 1/8 THK x 3/4 WD x 50'LG

1015T CC Medium Density W/PSA (1 SIDE) 1/8 THK x 3/4 WD x 50'LG

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1015T Closed Cell Neoprene Tape

1015T Single Coated Neoprene Foam Tapes are Closed Cell Neoprene Polymer that are coated on one side with an Adchem 3175M or equivalent double coated polyester pressure sensitive adhesive. The neoprene and adhesive exhibits aging properties, both on the shelf and in use. In addition, the adhesive has excellent cohesive strength and bonds well to most common materials at room temperature.

1015T Single Coated Neoprene Foam Tapes are available in variety of thicknesses and widths. Standard color is black.

The use of heat and pressure will help to increase the initial bond of the products to the substrate. Surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry, and free of grease and oil. This product should not be laminated to any material that contains migrating plasticizers.

Shelf Life: One Year (from the date of shipment) when stored under cool, dry, conditions.

Peel Adhesion (PSTC #3), no dwell, backed with 1 mil polyester liner side 6.0-7.5 #/inch width (106-131N/100mm)

Shears (PSTC #7) modified, no dwell, 1/2" x 1/2" x 1000gm, at 72 F degrees

Liner Side: 24+ hours

Tensile: 10#/inch width (175N/100mm)

Elongation: 70%

Adhesive Thickness (Liner Side): 1.1 mils (0.028mm)

ASTM D-1056-67 SCE-41
ASTM D-1056-68 RE-41
ASTM D-1056-85 2A1

U.L. 94 Compression Deflection (PSI) Density
(pcf) average HF-1, HBF 2-5 (0.14-0.35 kg/cm3) 8-12 (128-192 kg/m3)

Water Absorption by Weight (Max.) 5%

Temperature Range (Neoprene Only)
Low (Flex without cracking) -70 F degrees / -57 C degrees
High Continuous 150 F degrees / 65 C degrees
High Intermittent 200 F degrees / 93 C degrees

Heat Aging (7 Days @ 158 F degrees) (70 C Degrees) 5%

Lineal Shrinkage (max.)

Last Revised: July 2005

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