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CHR Polyester Film Tape M815CL MR 38" WD x 72 YD PLP

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CHR Polyester Film Tape M815CL MR 38" WD x 72 YD PLP
For custom slitting prices, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-423-7008.

Polyester films have excellent dimensional stability, high tensile, tear, and impact strengths, and ultimate elongation up to 120% of its original dimensions. These films exhibit low water absorption and good resistance to oils, greases, strong acids, and organic solvents. They also retain electrical properties, dielectric strength and dielectric constant in continuous operating temperatures from -100F to 350F (-73C to 177C).

Applications include transformer and capacitor wrapping, printed circuit board fabrication, splicing tapes, composite bonding protection, and low-cost masking.

NEW PRODUCT-- See details of our new Polyester Glass Filament Tape,CHR CW01(see table and link to product data sheet below).


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