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CHR Strip-N-Stick .5 inch Tape .063 Thick 10 Yard Roll

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CHR Strip-N-Stick Rubber Silicone Tape

Silicone Rubber Tape (Strip-N-Stick)

For extreme temperature applications, Strip-N-Stick silicone rubber tapes outperform all other elastomer tapes in service life, weatherability, compression set resistance and electrical resistivity.

These pressure-sensitive Strip-N-Stick tapes are available in a variety of widths and thicknesses for use in gasketing cushioning, thermal insulation and vibration dampening applications. Other uses include noise reduction, clamping of hot parts and electrolysis reduction between dissimilar metals.

Strip-N-Stick tapes, which provide all the benefits of silicone rubber in an easy-to-apply, pressure-sensitive tape form, are available in standard stock widths or can be slit to order.

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