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PORON 4790-79 Shock Seal (BLK) 0.021" THK x 40T" WD x 1167 FT (price shown per FT)

PORON 4790-79 Shock Seal (BLK) 0.021" THK x 40T" WD x 1167 FT (price shown per FT)

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PORON 790-79 Shockseal (BLK) 0.021" THK x 40T" WD x 1167 FT
Supported with 2mil PET
For Custom Sizes, Please Contact Customer Service at 1-800-423-7008

PORONONShockSeal Foams

Now Available: Industrial Grade PORON-PORON ShockSeal Foams!

PORON>PORON ShockSeal Foams are a trusted solution in sensitive handheld devices, and are now available to the general industrial markets as well. This thick grade material is ideal for applications which require gaskets, cushions, spacers or springs. ShockSeal materials perform best in environments where impact protection, long-term reliability, and high compression set resistance is a must.

Handheld Grade ShockSeal Foam

As the demand for thinner, larger and more expensive LCD displays continues to grow, designers and manufacturers face new challenges with these increasingly complex technologies.

PORON ShockSeal foams are specifically engineered to meet the challenging cushioning, sealing and protection requirements that larger displays demand. Handheld Grade ShockSeal foam is available as thin as 0.5 mm, and conveniently conforms to some of the smallest and most intricate manufacturing designs.

Handheld Grade PORON ShockSeal foam reduces impact force by up to four times that of competitive materialand is almost twice as effective as PORON2-12039 foam. In addition, the PORON ShockSeal materials absorb as much or more energy when compared to higher density materials.

When high compressibility, excellent impact protection and extreme performance is in demand, designers and engineers turn to ShockSeal materials for all of their handheld electronics needs.

Industrial Grade ShockSeal Foam

Industrial grade PORON ShockSeal foam (1.57mm - 12.7mm thick) is still the undisputed champ of impact force mitigation!

When comparing a handful of competitive foams to a 30 cm drop, Industrial Grade ShockSeal materials reduce the impact better than any of the rest.

Additionally, industrial grades of ShockSeal materials are recognized by UL Gasketing and Sealing (UL50E/UL508) and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards 302 (FMVSS 302) specifications. For additional information, please see the ShockSeal material data sheets.


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