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PORON 01-40 Dura Shape (BLK) 0.500"THK x 54T" WD x 180 FT (price shown per FT)

PORON 01-40 Dura Shape (BLK) 0.500"THK x 54T" WD x 180 FT (price shown per FT)

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PORON ThinStik: Supported Self-Adhesive Material
Black & Gray 0.020" THK x 40T" WD x 1166 FT
For Custom Sizes, Please Contact Customer Service at 1-800-423-7008

PORON ThinStik- - Materials

"More cushioning and sealing, less wasted space, enables thinner designs"

As handheld devices decrease in size and increase in functionality, achieving the proper balance of sealing and protection with the requirements of an ultra thin application can be an extreme design challenge. To help address this need, Rogers Corporation has specifically engineered the PORON ThinStik family of self-adhesive solutions.

PORON ThinStik materials are an all-in-one solution, combining Rogers- highly compressible PORONhane foam with a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer built into its construction. This innovation enables higher compressibility than traditional laminated adhesive constructions to help designers ensure proper sealing and gap filling in ultra-thin device applications.

  • Ultra-thin and Highly Compressible
  • Long term Protection and Sealing
  • Ease of Design - One Product, One Solution


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