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PORON SoFT (BLK) 0.081" THK x 54U" WD x 1012 FT (price shown per FT)

PORON SoFT (BLK) 0.081" THK x 54U" WD x 1012 FT (price shown per FT)

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PORON Dura-Shape--Supported with 2 mil PET in middle
(BLK) 0.093" THK x 54T" WD x 1012 FT
For Custom Sizing, Please Contact Customer Service at 1-800-423-7008



Improve Accuracy and Performance with the New PORONn.

PORONow available with a tough polyester film securely bonded between two layers of foam. This "sandwich" technology results in a foam product with:

  • Increased dimensional stability - no shrinkage or stretching
  • Tougher tear strength
  • Reliable, long-term shape retention

PORON Materials Adds New Advantages to These Enduring PORONs

  • Durability and resiliency under pressure
  • Absorbs shock and vibration energy
  • Functional performance across a wide range of temperatures
  • Resistance to chemicals

MSDS information for PORONrals can be found on the High Performance Foams MSDS page under the following product MSDS documentation:

  • PORON polyurethane material 4701-30, 4701-40, 4701-50, 4701-60
  • PORON polyurethane material 4701-41
  • PORON polyurethane material 4790-92


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