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Therma Cool Thermal Tape K275 5 MIL THK x 16" WD x 18 YD (LG)

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Therma Cool Thermal Tape K275 MIL THK x 16" WD x 18 YD (LG)
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Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics ThermaCool K275 is manufactured with a 1.0 mil thick thermally conductive KAPTON film. The film is coated on both sides with 2.0 mils of thermally conductive acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. K275 is provided in roll form with a release liner on both sides for ease of application. The product was designed to bond electrical components to heat sinks. K275 contains no halides or silicones.

Features & Benefits:
  • KAPTONolyimide film and silicone rubber provide excellent electrical isolation and high dielectric performance.
  • Thermally conductive adhesive provides excellent thermal transfer at low application pressures.
  • Adverse effects of surface roughness are minimized with the highly conformable pressure-sensitive adhesive.
  • Polyimide film provides excellent resistance to cut through.
  • Can be die cut to size from convenient roll format.


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