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Therma Cool Thermal Tape TC6015 15 MIL THK x36" WD x 36 YD (LG)

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Therma Cool Thermal Tape TC6015 15 MIL THK x36" WD x 36 YD (LG)
For Custom Slitting, Please Contact Customer Service for Pricing at 1-800-423-7008

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics ThermaCoolC6015 is designed specifically to provide two critical properties for thermal interface materials: bonding and efficient heat transfer. Thermally conductive fabric reinforcement provides the additional benefit of support and rigidity, often required to convert master logs into smaller component pieces.

  • Two-side tacky, pressure sensitive adhesives loaded with thermally conductive fillers
  • No heat cure cycle to bond
  • 9 mil thermally loaded fabric serves as internal substrate support layer
  • Dual easy liner system of both paper and HDPE for easy release and conversion
Features & Benefits:
  • Thermal acrylic adhesive coated on bothsides of rigid, thermally conductive fabric
  • High bond strength: 45 oz./in. adhesion to steel
  • Effective thermal path:
    • Conductivity 0.5 W/mK
    • Impedance: 1.16 @ 60 psi
  • Easy to process and convert
    • No elongation or deformation

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